Marco JET 6ltr Filter Coffee Brewer

Marco JET 6ltr Filter Coffee Brewer

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This Marco 6 litre JET coffee brewer is perfect for serving speciality coffee to a large events.

Each 6 litre Urn will serve around 33-35 cups. Multiple urns can be used in one serving.

User-friendly using the LCD touch screen with full step-by-step instructions on each brew.

6ltr Urn is sold seperately.

Purchase with an intellegent grinder for the full freshly ground coffee experience (and smell!). Or use our 225g pouches if you don’t want the grinder.


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Delivers coffee directly into portable urn. Operator sets recipes and batch volume requirements. Basket safety lock during brewing. Automated, intelligent grinder. Easy to operate with minimal operator error. Cost-per-cup control, temperature accuracy and energy-efficient. Back-to-back brewing. Urn and grinder sold separately.

This machine will require installing and setting up. Please select at checkout if needed.