Decaf Guatemala Santo Tomas Pachuj

Decaf Guatemala Santo Tomas Pachuj

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Tasting notes: Toasted Hazelnut & Caramel

A wonderful decaf, from a farm committed to its biodiversity as well as good coffee. The farm is a Private Natural Reserve protecting the enviroment and multiple endangered species. Has 400 bee hives and produces up to 20,000 pounds of 100% natural honey.

PRODUCER: Fahsen Family 6th Generation/Washed in Farm mill

MILL: Santo Tomas Pachuj

FARMER: Andres Fahsen

REGION: Atitlan

CERTIFICATION: Rainforest Alliance

ALTITUDE: 1,500m

VARIETAL: Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon

PROCESSING: Hand Picked and selected at optimal ripeness - Fermentation Tanks - 36 hours on average - then stomped on and Hand washed -Rested in spring water - Sun Dried for optimal 11.5% humidity for 12 days on average -Dry mill with European preparation and electronical selection

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District Lot, Cundinamarca Colombia

Cundinamarca has 15 provinces and 116 municipalities mainly situated within the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes. The coffee here is picked by the smallholders and generally washed and dried on the farm, often at high altitudes on steep slopes, or brought to a nearby beneficiary for processing. It will then be collected at the dry mill or cooperative headquarters for cupping, scoring and sorting for export. 

Due to the many microclimates and changing weather patterns, there is often fresh coffee cropping throughout the year, though generally this is split across the main and mitaca (or ‘fly’) crops. Global warming has seen a significant change across Colombia, bringing challenges to some areas and opportunities to others. Earthquakes and landslides have featured in the coffee areas, but the commitment to quality there remains high. 

The 'Swiss Water' decaffeination process (SWD) is 100% chemical free, and removes approximately 99.9% of the coffee beans's caffeine content but preserves much of the beans original character.