Eco Packaging

We care about the impact we have on the environment around us, and are committed to using the least amount of negative impact on our environment as possible. The food industry has a huge responsibility to act now.

Compostable & Biodegradable NatureFlex™ Bags

We’re so excited by these bags. We use this material in ALL our coffee pre-portioned sachets for hospitality & churches. We are also developing new 250g retail packaging using these bags inside a Kraft box.

Our UK compostable, gusseted bags will decompose when bacteria or other living organisms act on them. Home compostable bags can be composted along with your garden waste, and sometimes food waste (depending on local kerbside collections) and will degrade quite quickly. They are certified to the EN13432 standard for compostable packagng.

Certified by Vincotte, material conforms to EN13432 as suitable for HOME composting.


100% Recyclable & Carbon-neutral Coffee bags

Our 500g/large flat bags are used for subscription at home coffee (through the letterbox) and larger 500g retail packs.

These bags are completely aluminium-free (no nasty lining) and 100% recyclable plastic, feeling like paper, while keeping your coffee as fresh as ever. The whole bag can just be put in general recycling with all your plastic waste.

These bags are also carbon-neutral. By investing in CO2-reducing projects in coffee growing countries, the greenhouse gas emissions needed to produce coffee bags, can be completely compensated by reducing emission elsewhere. That way we balance out the negative effect production has on the planet.